Fear not, the physical workplace will thrive again. Just differently.

There is something critical that the in-person meeting offers and demonstrates about an organization. While 100% virtual brands may exist and succeed, they may not thrive as much as their counterparts that maintain a real office space.

Survey respondents were keen to note that they see big growth opportunities in co-working, serviced offices, and hybrid offerings.

The future of workspaces will evolve to fit company and employee needs.

In the office of the near future, technology enables employees to return to work safely. Even beyond COVID-19, organizations will need to manage which workers, visitors, and contractors can come to the office. Companies will need to control when people can enter, how many people can occupy any given space, and where they can have access.

The entire concept of workspace is being re-invented, and people flow technology sits at the epicenter of that process as it enables companies to be more efficient and have more control over data privacy. The leaders in the CRE space recognize this, and they will capitalize on it as they would for any business advantage.

About Proxyclick

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management platform built for the best-of-breed needs of the global enterprise and helps trusted brands across every industry to transform the way they welcome their visitors, employees and contractors.

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