Going with the flow

Many of the items above can be accomplished by utilizing digital solutions for people flows, such as the ones offered by Proxyclick.

These integrated systems support HR best practices for safe reopening, allowing companies to install a host of useful features: easy check-in via employee QR code at touchless kiosks; customizable health screening questions; real-time audits of who has gone where (and when) in order to facilitate easy contact tracing; space booking to maintain low occupancy; and robust data privacy and security solutions.

Proxyclick has [provided] an easy, hands-off way of screening our employees for any possible chance of bringing [COVID-19] into our facility.

Administrator, Building Materials - 50-1,000 employees

People flow management systems combine all of these features under one umbrella and make them accessible via smartphone. Enlisting the help of a flexible, adaptable, and customizable integrated system can help eliminate a lot of painstaking record-keeping and haphazard communication, and free up HR to focus on the more pressing, overarching concerns about business continuity and the “shape” of work as a whole.

Brian Kropp, Group Vice President and Chief of HR Research at Gartner

If you’re not building seamless experiences, the employees that you’ve got now [might take advantage of their] options. It’s easier for them to shift to another company because they no longer have to move where they live to go to work for a different company. They can keep living where they live and just start working differently. And that reality is good.

Check us out or book a demo today to learn how Proxyclick can help manage people flows, providing a smooth, efficient and safe transition back to work. Visit proxyclick.com/proxyclick-flow.

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