If someone walks into our location who’s a visitor and has COVID-19,we’re going to want to be able to have a list of people in the building on that same day they came in and reach out to them.

Dave Dlugose, IT Director, The Salvation Army

HR may also be prepared to offer recommendations for where to get tested, instructions for safe quarantine, and an explanation of what conditions must be in place for employees to eventually return to work after exposure. (These may include health status interviews down the line, requirements for a certain number of negative tests, or a note from a physician.)

Rethinking spaces

With a recent IBM survey finding that 65% of employees who began working from home full time during the pandemic would like to continue doing so indefinitely, with a full 83% wanting to do so at least intermittently after the lockdowns end, HR professionals are being forced to rethink where people are working, and how they’re getting there.

But what about situations where people simply must come into the office? New technologies have emerged to handle this crisis, allowing employees to coordinate ride-shares to and from the workplace, schedule concurrent arrival times, plan meetings, and even manage health screenings- all through their smartphones. Desk-booking and room capacity management apps also help companies understand who is working from where, and manage social distancing by controlling the number of people allowed in meeting rooms.

Some companies are also increasing reliance on “flex spaces”- shared coworking spaces that, due to their transient and adaptable nature, can be configured less densely than regular offices, with individuals working at off-hours from one another in order to reduce crowding. Flex spaces have the added advantages of being cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and conducive to feelings of well-being and community on the part of employees...even while maintaining social distance.


Would like to continue working from home full-time


Wanting to work from home at least intermittently

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